Friday, April 22, 2016

Landon turns 4

Landon has turned 4. I am so very proud of him. He had a fun birthday surrounded by family and friends, we couldnt ask for it to have been any better.

He got alot of cool and fun things and he was living it up with his new "things" a week afterwords! Landon loves to play play play! He plays all day long! He loves to read, and color. His favorite toys are planes, cars! You will never see him not playing with one of the two.

Landon is not a picky eater at all! He loves everything. His favorite fruits and vegetables are broccoli, carrots, watermelon, apples, green beans and spinach and mushrooms. His others are  lemon pepper chicken, spaghetti, tacos, and pizza, and chicken alfredo.

Landon is in preschool this year and is doing wonderful in school. He continues to make me such a proud mom. He loves it so much!

I love you Landon Matthew! Happy 4th Birthday!!

Thursday, June 25, 2015


So we went out to eat at Olive Garden the other day,and oh goodness their food is my favorite. The husband and I both got the mushroom portebello,and zuppa toscana soup! It was HEAVEN!! Olive garden is one of my favorite restaurants to eat at!

mushroom portabello

zuppa toscana soup

Then took the boys to the store and Logan and Landon both begged for a "toy kitchen" with food. I thought about it,and in my mind I thought it was just something they'd be into just for a moment,but they really wanted it so I bought it.

It was the best toy I have honestly ever bought them in their eyes! I have never heard them both thank me over and over again for something in my life. They have been wanting to play with it nonstop! I am so happy they love it! They may be little chefs someday! ;)

Then we went clothes shopping! I love to clothes shop! The boys are getting good at taking shopping! They both walk now! No cart riding,they dont want to! My boys are growing up! Its nice to see
 them get independent and such,but darn very sad at the same time! I love every moment with them and I dont take anything for granted!

Logans team with their medals!

Logan had his tball game the other night and his team all got awesome medals for all their hard work this season! Im sad tball is almost over,theres only one game left! :( I enjoyed watching Logan play! Logan had a fun season and we will have to see if he will want to play ball next summer! He was so excited about his medal,he didnt want to take it off when we got home.

I love his smile and his sweet personality!

Last sunday was Fathers day! I am so very blessed and thankful to have a husband and father to our children,that puts our needs before his,and that is so humble! He his such a good father and role model to our boys!

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Love alittle more

Love alittle more! If you look on the bright side,and look at the positive the grass truelly is greener on the other side!  My children and husband make me the happiest wife and mother! I will always have my babies that look up to me and think I am the greatest ever!

I melt,every time I see his smile!

LOVE this cheeser!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Trip to the Tuttle Dam

Today we took the boys to see the Tuttle Creek Dam! It was so awesome to see! The boys absolutely LOVED it! We are so that family that loves doing stuff like this! The water comes out of the tubes exceptionally fast,its kinda scary! Haha! They say they only have to let the water out of tubes every 7-8yrs,that it doesnt happen often! But with all the rain we have gotten,the water got really high! We have been out there looking at it with the boys 2-3 times already this summer!  Heres some pics of water rushing out of the tube:

It was such an awesome sight to experience together as a family!

Monday, June 15, 2015


Logan started having Tball practice at the end of May twice a week. They praticed throwing and catching and batting techniques. It was alot of fun to watch and be a part of. Logan really showed an interest.  Then Beginning of June his Tball games started. He has 2 games a week until beginning of July. He is really enjoying playing ball. I love to see him run around the bases,and hit the ball. I took some pictures of him

Standing on base!

My handsome ball player!

Down and ready,acting like hes going to catch the ball!

Logan keep up the great work!  You make me so proud!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Happy 6th Birthday to our Logan

Our Logan is 6!! We cannot believe it!! Time sure does fly when you are raising children and having fun at the same time! We just had a party here at the house,and had family over,and ate food,and had cake(I made) and ice cream,and opened presents.

Logan loves being outdoors,but he also loves to snuggle up on the couch and watch a big kid show as he says "mom I dont want to watch a little kid show ,I want to watch a big kid one"! Haha that made me laugh because Landon likes little kid ones,which hes supposed to but Logan isnt much into them anymore! Ha! Logan likes Scooby-Doo and Cars,and mainly long animated shows.

They climbed the rock wall together!

Logan likes to drink milk, grape juice,and gatorade. He is playing Tball this summer,which he loves!(more on that in another post). He loves to do crafts like color,paint,draw,and he likes to read. Him and Landon have such a good relationship,It makes me so happy.

Logan loves to play cars and games with his brother,loves to go hiking,and loves to go exploring. He is the most lovable boy, he always comes up and gives me a hug randomly. He just makes me feel like the luckiest momma ever! Im so thankful each and every day for him.

Logan like the movies Rio,Garfield,Horton Hears a who,Smurfs(to name a few). He has his own tablet, and he loves to watch movies,play games,and watch youtube movies on it. He also loves to ride his scooter, and battery-opperated police car. He also lost his first tooth(his two bottom teeth) 1 week before his last day of Kindergarten. He was so very excited once he found out the tooth fairy was going to come visit. ;)

Logan I am so proud of you,and so glad I was chosen to be your mother! I adore you and your sweet smile. You bring joy and happiness to all,I love you!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Landon is 3

Landon is 3! Sad I know! :) Im happy to see him grow each day and see him develope into the sweet boy he is! We just had a low key party here at the house,he really enjoyed his party! His favorite part was the cake mommy made! He was pretty tickled mom made him his very own cake. He even said Thank you for the cake mom! ;) Aww!

Landon is really into cars,trucks,farm animals,and playing games(like puzzles,matching games) he loves playing games on mom or dads phone. Even though he has his very own tablet haha! He is not a picky eater. He loves grape juice, and loves to snack throughout the day,think hes going through a growth spurt! He loves fruit like grapes,watermelon,pineapple,kiwi. He also loves his vegetables. He weighs 35lbs.

He is completely potty trained. He loves to watch team umizoomi,paw patrol,mickey mouse. He loves to color,and paint. We are working on his writing skills. He is excited to start Preschool in the Fall. He loves to play with his brother.

Still likes falling asleep next to mom

Sweetest boy I know

Eating his popcorn and icee!

Brother selfie ;)

Happy Birthday Landon! We love you! You bring us so much joy and happiness!