Friday, April 17, 2015


So I was reading this article the other day about the things your kids will remember about you. 1. was how u made them feel,2. How your relationship was with your spouse,3. Things you did,that were special.  And all I can say I couldnt agree more. Kids are like sponges they pick up everything! But these things truelly are the most important. Im pretty ok with stopping to do dishes because my 3 yr old wants me to play cars with him, they can wait,these
 are the things our kids are going to remember,its not going to be the small things like,mom left her shoes in the middle of the floor,or dad didnt put his clothes in the hamper until morning. No big deal.

 I am my own person,I say what I feel,and do what I want.  I am a very passionate and loving person, I do what I can for others, and If I can help them in any way I will. The best kind of people are the ones who know your story,and help you through it, and write it without judgement,and are always there.

-- Rose

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Life with boys

I have to say I love being a boy mom! My boys mean the absolute world to me. They bring me so much joy,and happiness! Logan and Landon have a really great relationship. I love to hear them playing together, and laughing with eachother. Yes,they do pick on eachother,but thats what brothers do,right?!  It would be too boring if they didnt haha!

 Logan is such a big brother, he loves to teach Landon different imaginary games,landon is mostly agreeable,but sometimes he wants alone time,which is understandable.

Family is so important to me. My husband is always there to give me support without judgement.  If someone truelly cares about you they wont judge you. So surround your self with joyeous and happy people,and u,yourself will be happy. Im a forgiving person,life is too short to be anything but HAPPY!


Thursday, April 9, 2015

That moment when....

 That moment when u tell your 2yr old that hes supposed to poop in the potty,and he states no I poop in my diaper. Or u tell him hes a big boy and he should wear underwear,and he tells u no i wear diapers .

That moment when u get a call from the school nurse telling u your 5yr ol tripped at recess and cut his chin open,and he has to go to the doctor and get his chin glued shut, instead of getting stitches.

The moment when your son tells his teacher he wont be in school tomorrow bc hes gunna be playing tball all day! Hah that one made me laugh!

The moment when u really wanna say something to someone u see almost everyday but dont know quite what to say,or how to go about a conversation with them.

That moment when you  are so thankful for your children and how much they've learned over the last year.

That moment when you are so thankful to have such a loving husband,that would do anything to see u smile,and that loves u for who u are,not who they want u to be.

That moment when u are so thankful your child survived cancer,and you are still able to see them grow up,and raise them.

That moment when you are so thankful for the family you have,and all the memories.


Tuesday, February 24, 2015


I have been enjoying life with my beautiful family. Absolutely love it here,its everything i have dreamed of! Kids are loving it too! Landons 3rd birthday and Logans 6th is coming up, they both are so excited! Logan wants a white cake,with vanilla frosting,with the writing on his cake to be yellow. Landon wants a chocolate cake.

The school year is about over,it has literally flown by,i cannot believe it. Logan is growing up so fast.
I cherish every moment I get with him,and Landon! Being a mom is one of the greatest jobs in the world.


I am very grateful. We've had a son battle cancer, and survive. We've helped him get to where he is today which he remembers the trauma,but doesnt understand what was wrong with him or why he went through what he did. But I held it together when i really wasnt together,and hopefully some day he will understand. I have my best friend, my husband, who has been there for me,been there to help me through,been my shoulder to cry on,i am so very lucky to have him in my life. Someone who cares about our family and I,someone who works hard for our family,and who makes me happy. Thats the most important right there, being happy !  When you enjoy the little things,it is so easy to be happy in life. The little things is what its about !  We have lived in our new house for a little over 8 months and we love it. We have such a great school district,and community,my cup runneth over. Found out Logan will have to have one more brain scan in 6 months,then he will have only one brain scan yearly,for that i am so overwhelmed with joy. Logans coming up on his 4 yrs mark since he got diagnosed with his cancer and they said if he made it 5 yrs without it coming back,then he will be considered that of a child that has never had it in the first place. I am just beyond happy we have made it this far.  Im so thankful and take pride that i was able to be there every step of the way,I love you son!


Monday, November 10, 2014

Its already been 2 yrs...

It has already been two years since our son Logan finished his last Chemotherapy treatment at
Childrens Mercy Hospital in Kansas City. I am beyond blessed to say he is still doing well today.
Logan completed a year and a half of Chemotherapy and has made it two years without the Brain
 cancer coming back. The statistics are if he makes it five years without the cancer coming back then
 hes considered like he never had it. Logan has come so very far these last two years, I am just so
 very proud of him. He is doing very good in Kindergarten, and I love the school he goes too.
Congratulations buddy, I am so happy you are my son, and my cancer survivor.
Here's some pictures taken over the years of Logan


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fall Styles I'm loving

 Its almost Fall, and I cannot wait! I love getting all dressed up in the fall, its so much fun! Here are some of the looks I am loving for Fall.

The Boat Neck Top:

The Long-Sleeve Poplin Shirt:

Crew-neck Slub-Knit Sweater:

Crew-neck Texured Sweater:

Leopard Scarf:

Cap-Toe Flats:

Gold Accessories:

Brown-riding Boots:



I'm really happy about breaking out the flats and boots. Fall is one of my favorite seasons.